Electric Acne and Blackhead Removal Vacuum Extractor

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Electric Acne Remover Point Noir Blackhead Vacuum Extractor Tool Black Spots Pore Cleaner Skin Care Massager Face Lift Tool Kit

Product introduction and working principle:


suck black massage multifunction beauty equipment which is a collection
of grinding skin, clean pores, blackheads and oil, massage and other
functions in a bod/s beauty equipment.lt is to use the principle of
vacuum negative pressure massage to improve the outer skin and pore
dirt, make pore becomes thin, complexion is ruddy exquisite and uniform
and smooth, this is a non-invasive technique, by suction rod of diamond
thickness to control the depth of exfoliating when degrees.And Four
kinds of different shape of the probe with three different functions,
exfoliating, clean pores, acne, massage and other functions in one body.


Red light: Low Power (Need to charge)

Green Light: Full Power



Suction bigger than traditional comedo suction probe 

Five sunction head suitable for different skin

Different suction head, different function