Liphop Powerful Eyelash Enhancer Growth Treatment Liquid Serum

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Women Makeup Brand Powerful Eyelash Growth Treatments Liquid Serum

Enhancer Eye Lash Longer Thicker 7-15 days



Eyelash Tonic is care for eyelash special essence,by Daisy essence, watercress Dutch interface essence


and picrorhiza scrophulariiflora extraction,these natural ingredients can activate and caress the root


ministry of eyelash,prolong the life of eyelashes.This product weakly alkaline,mild stimulation,skin


sensitive person also can be used safely


Like the mascara,brush on the eyelash directly.Unique arch brush head design,it is convenient to use.The


transparent colorless,usually can be used as transparent eyelash to cream.Twice a day,once in the


morning and night



1x Liphop Eyelash Growth Treatment